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Date:2016-03-06 07:22

Axel (Johnny Depp) gets caught up into the family car business when his cousin, Paul (Vincent Gallo), coaxes him to come to Arizona to attend the wedding of their Uncle Leo (Jerry Lewis). As Axel makes the decision to try selling Cadillacs with his family, he meets an eccentric woman named Elaine (Faye Dunaway) and her equally quirky stepdaughter, Grace (Lili Taylor). Their lives become inextricably intertwined through romance, dreams -- and death.

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Date:2011-12-21 10:52
Subject:Is this time of year difficult for anyone else?
Mood: pensive

Growing up we split the Holidays: visit dad's parents for late morning and lunch and mum's sister for the afternoon. On dad's side I was the only grandchild in our home country so I had the doted on experience as well as the one of the crowd experience with my many cousins on mum's side.

My grandparents have passed on and my aunt and her family moved to Canada. Most of my other cousins are scattered all over the world and I'm not close to the few who remained in our home country. I haven't gone the married and kids path so, while we see friends during the season, it's just us for the day itself. My parents both grew up with big family holidays and I feel like I've cheated them somehow.

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Date:2010-04-17 17:31
Subject:what would my sibling look like i wonder?

equanimous morph collage
i'm an only child so when i make these collages it kinda makes me wonder what a SIBLING of mine might look like!

(i made that using this http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk//Transformer/index.html and then using picassa's "create collage" tool)

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Date:2009-08-26 12:17

I liked being any only child except when I had to go to school or try to make friends, other than that I was fine being alone & playing by myself. My mom is dead and I don't know my father and my grandmother wants me to be a christian and they all hate me and talk behind my back, i'm sure they all think i'm the devil, which i've always found strange when i'm not breaking my own rules all the time and then by a whim i am forgiven for all just by going once or twice a week to some place where all anyone really wants to do is leave, and i'm okay with it. I never had anything against "the religious" it always seemed like they had something against me and most of the time i'd sit alone outside or go home and think "why?" Or i'd come home from school crying, id ask my mom "why don't they like me?" I think she tried to reassure me that they did, or suggest I not pay any attention to them.

I think being an only child affected me in different ways for instance I got married when I was 23. The guy I married always thought I was cheating on him because I would ask for time alone. I'd have to explain why I was in a good mood if he were to call and I was to answer in a cheerful disposition.

Being an only child I always wanted brothers and sisters. People with brothers and sisters always say that they wish they were an only child. It's true that people assume that you're spoiled (as I was reading somewhere in a post on lj) and that if you are it would most likely be to make up for the loneliness.

I think there were points in my life growing up where i definately felt spoiled, if it wasn't with things then it was definately with attention which can have it's down points as well. Being an only child you're like the main focus, so if you screw up there isn't anyone to take the heat or to take the focus off of you if that happens.

Then being in an environment where you are the main focus and concern and then going off to somewhere like i don't know SCHOOL where there are tons of people who know eachother, have brothers and sisters or who all know eachother by some relation and don't care if you can stand on your head or do a kartwheel and "that's stupid" anyway, right? and there you are.

I wouldn't say being an only child is something to complain about, more like being an only child is bewildering! In my experience there was a lot of wondering involved. I think I just wanted to be friends with people who didn't want to be my friend and it hurt. Not that my entire childhood I was alone, I did have friends here and there.

My mom used to come to the boys and girls club and try to make peace for me and the other kids who didn't like us. In elementary school, making friends was hard but not as hard as it is now. My mom had a boyfriend that we lived with. He was pretty cool, he wasn't a dick at all. He had a uni-cycle and one day we went out in the neighborhood and all the kids gathered around him. He tried to help me make friends. Although I don't think I did in that particular neighborhood due to the fact that very few of the other kids spoke english.

My mom's relationship with this man was dramatic. Dramtically good when it was good and dramatically bad when it was bad. Sometimes in a weird way I try to imagine what my mothers life would have been like if she wouldn't have had me to deal with. Maybe she would still be alive and in love with someone. Instead she spent most of her life defending me and herself against other people and when I got older it seemed like she was my sister at times.

being in highschool (which I hated) my mom was sometimes my best friend and my worst enemy. I hated school but I always had my mom and my grandma(in highschool it was me,my mom, and my grandma). My grandma had a job at a place where all the cool kids in school worked. She got me a job there. She was the bartender, a lot of the kids liked my grandma. My grandma made me cool (imagine that?) but not really because once i started working there I was too nervous to make friends.

Being an only child always seems like I have to explain myself whenever i enter an area with groups of people. It seems like in explainations people automatically stop listening or walk away and then they wonder or ask me why I'm so quiet.

being an only child I don't think I was ever really selective with who i was making friends with. I guess other people are or it comes second nature to them. I didn't think I had to be, does anyone? I hate that because as soon as I'd open up, it'd be in front of someone who's mentality was "you're stupid". instead of "me too!" always looking for the "me too's!"
I guess being an only child, not having any immediate family besides my mother and my grandmother i've always felt closer to them than i remember other kids describing they're relationships being with their parents.

I grew up with my grandma and my mom and that was my world.

i hate that there are relationships that exist with people where someone always gets left out, or someone has to be left out for other people to enjoy themselves. I remember in school i'd made friends with people who would laugh at me and run away. Is that an only child thing? or is my personality more flawed than i already think it is?

Anyone else have any memories or insights?

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Date:2009-08-26 00:14

i'm new. does anyone still use the community?

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Date:2009-08-09 22:31

This community is pretty dead. I guess only children are boring?

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Date:2009-06-03 16:44

Hey! I am a new member of this community and an only child. Nice to meet you all :)

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Date:2009-04-17 17:37

*Looks Around* Fairly quiet isn't?

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Date:2009-02-06 16:49
Subject:Only Orphans

Seeing a post in this community today reminds me that the maintainer of it is no longer on LiveJournal and hasn't been for over four years.

Not that this community needs a lot of maintaining, but it is a little strange that the person who founded the group hasn't been heard from in so long.

This community isn't all that active but it is odd that this guy is gone. Maybe we should send out a search party?

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Date:2009-02-06 13:49
Subject:Do you feal diffrent

Do any of you feal diffrent for being an only child? Some times I feal like I have missed out on things that people with siblings have. I dont feal as social as some people, i do know people who are only children and they are social and some that have siblings and they are unsocial. So I guess its a wrong conclution to think that just cause you are an only child you are seen as being a unsocial person I dont think we are all that I think we take longer to get to know most that are onlys I have notice including my self are verry shy and have a gard up. Just had this in my head and wanted to see what people think.

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Date:2008-09-06 17:53
Subject:what if you had siblings?

Just wanted to post this question to this community:

how do you feel you would have been different growing up if you had siblings?

I have mixed emotions on this one: Perhaps I would have been more social and outgoing if I had a brother or sister to talk to, I would have been very loyal to them, helped them and other things of that nature.

On the other hand, perhaps if I had had a sibling, maybe one of us would have been jealous of the other because of successes . . .

So let's hear how you all feel

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Date:2008-09-06 07:12
Subject:hello guys~
Mood: excited

i'm moving in with a friend tomorrow.  even tho it's a 2 minute drive from my mom's house, she is very sad i am leaving.  i feel sooo guilty leaving my mom alone. :[

any of you experience the same thing? 

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Date:2008-06-17 08:43
Mood: content

I don't think I have ever posted here so I thought I would post an introduction of sorts.

My name is Niki and I am an only child. I am 29 yrs old and married to a guy who has siblings. We have two children. We currently live in North Carolina.

My parents were divorced when I was young. I lived with my mom for a while but then she lost custody of me and I lived with my dad till I was about 11 yrs old. Then I moved back in with my mom till I was 15 and back to Daddy's I went.

I was 1000000% a daddy's girl. He died 03.27.07,he was only 65. My mom met and married 3 different men after my dad. The first two were complete buttholes. The last one stuck and he treats me like I am his blood daughter. He had a daughter but she got hit by car when she was young. He never had any more children except step-children.

I was very lucky that my parents got along great, they helped each other out when the other needed it after the divorce.

Anyways I look forward to sharing the only-child experiences with you all.

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Date:2008-06-17 02:56
Subject:breathing some life into this group.. hopefully some of you guys still use lj
Mood: thoughtful

hello, my name is aimee and i am an only child.

there are definitley some pro's and cons, but i feel more cons...
when i was younger/growing up my dad was an alcoholic and my mom and dad fought almost everyday, physically, verbally...atleast 4-5 times a week.  sometimes it got crazy, i recall one time my dad chasing my mom around the trailer park we lived in with a bat in his hand.  i would remember staying up all night and crying because i had to listen, and more so go through all of this by myself.  i had no sibling to come hang out with me and deal with the grievances alongside me.  i always wanted siblings there, or atleast one, so we would all have eachothers back and make eachother feel less alone and sad.

my mom left my dad when i was 11, and i haven't seen him in almost 2 years[which doesn't bother me].  me and my mom get along, but we don't talk as much as mothers and daughters should, and i don't feel comfortable telling her alot of things going on in my life.  so sometimes, i feel very lonely.  i have friends, but i don't hang out with them so much.  sometimes i feel jealous of my friends who have brothers and sisters because they always have someone there.  i also worry about being alone in this world when both my parents eventually die, especially my mom.

my mom has been going out with this guy for about 6 years, and he belittles me, calls me names, and tells me to go 'live with my crackhead daddy'.  my mom has only stuck up for me once, and it was over something minor.  i never really feel totally alone until those things occur.

i wouldn't be an only child, my mom got pregnant after she had me but had an abortion.  we didn't have finances to have another child in the family.. but sometimes i wonder how life would've been with a sibling.. and i wish sometimes she wouldn't have gotten an abortion[actually i probably wish that all of the time].

pro's would be... more presents during christmas time, and no dividing things up, people going in my room, so on and so forth... but i'd rather have a sibling then be an only, for sure.

thanks for reading. <3
and sorry for the lengthy post.

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Date:2008-03-20 14:17
Subject:another only :)
Mood: hopeful

Hey all! So glad to see this community!

I could definitely be classified as the 'lonely only' growing up.  I didnt have a lot of friends (still don't).  I didnt grow up around extended family.  I was always called a mini adult.  But I was very sheltered.  I also grew up in a small town in KS.  My dad left when I was very young.  He's an alcoholic and Vietnam vet.  My mom was extremely over-protective of me.  She wouldnt allow me to do many things my friends did.  She wouldnt let me go see E.T. in theaters lol.  She wouldnt let me go to prom but I defied her and did anyway.  When I was out on a date, she'd track me down and make me get in the car and go home.  Needless to say, I think growing up that way definitely affected the person I am today.  I'm married, late 30s, w/ 3 kids of my own.  I always wanted at least 2 kids.  I always wanted an older brother growing up, so i'd have someone to look up to and to watch out for me and protect me.

Anyway, there's my story.  I'm interested in getting to know y'all :)

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Date:2008-01-03 22:27
Subject:Hi . . .

My name is Jason . . .

And I am proud to be an only child! . . . we have no sibling rivalries to deal with, no fighting for attention from parents with brothers or sisters, no sharing things with siblings!


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Date:2007-12-17 14:57


I'm Blubeagle. I am an only and so is my partner. Well, more to the truth: my father has two daughters and a son from a remarriage, but we have nothing to do with each other. So, as I was an only to begin, with, I am still an only. :+)  I am a writer. I've had two pieces published to date by Dark Reveries. I can't wait to meet everyone.

I am glad this place exists.

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Date:2007-08-02 09:10
Subject:New Yahoo Group for Onlies

A new discussion board for onlies and parents of onlies. onlykidsclub@yahoogroups.com

Check it out. We need members. I was a member of Being an Only but that board was moved and changed to a pay site. That's all well and good if you live in England where the group is based and can take part in the events they organize, but for us it the states $24.00 is a lot of money to post to a message board. 

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Date:2007-07-11 14:22

me as a kid. i am an only child.

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Date:2007-06-13 09:57

Originally uploaded by shannonkringen
found this amazing chrome thing in a fancy seattle store today. i love how warped my face is! day 17 of the 365days of self portal challenge...

i am very proud of my growing photos here:

see a slide show of my self portals here:

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