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another only :)

Hey all! So glad to see this community!

I could definitely be classified as the 'lonely only' growing up.  I didnt have a lot of friends (still don't).  I didnt grow up around extended family.  I was always called a mini adult.  But I was very sheltered.  I also grew up in a small town in KS.  My dad left when I was very young.  He's an alcoholic and Vietnam vet.  My mom was extremely over-protective of me.  She wouldnt allow me to do many things my friends did.  She wouldnt let me go see E.T. in theaters lol.  She wouldnt let me go to prom but I defied her and did anyway.  When I was out on a date, she'd track me down and make me get in the car and go home.  Needless to say, I think growing up that way definitely affected the person I am today.  I'm married, late 30s, w/ 3 kids of my own.  I always wanted at least 2 kids.  I always wanted an older brother growing up, so i'd have someone to look up to and to watch out for me and protect me.

Anyway, there's my story.  I'm interested in getting to know y'all :)
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Welcome to the only child group :)

Peeps like us need to stick together :)
thanks :)