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breathing some life into this group.. hopefully some of you guys still use lj

hello, my name is aimee and i am an only child.

there are definitley some pro's and cons, but i feel more cons...
when i was younger/growing up my dad was an alcoholic and my mom and dad fought almost everyday, physically, verbally...atleast 4-5 times a week.  sometimes it got crazy, i recall one time my dad chasing my mom around the trailer park we lived in with a bat in his hand.  i would remember staying up all night and crying because i had to listen, and more so go through all of this by myself.  i had no sibling to come hang out with me and deal with the grievances alongside me.  i always wanted siblings there, or atleast one, so we would all have eachothers back and make eachother feel less alone and sad.

my mom left my dad when i was 11, and i haven't seen him in almost 2 years[which doesn't bother me].  me and my mom get along, but we don't talk as much as mothers and daughters should, and i don't feel comfortable telling her alot of things going on in my life.  so sometimes, i feel very lonely.  i have friends, but i don't hang out with them so much.  sometimes i feel jealous of my friends who have brothers and sisters because they always have someone there.  i also worry about being alone in this world when both my parents eventually die, especially my mom.

my mom has been going out with this guy for about 6 years, and he belittles me, calls me names, and tells me to go 'live with my crackhead daddy'.  my mom has only stuck up for me once, and it was over something minor.  i never really feel totally alone until those things occur.

i wouldn't be an only child, my mom got pregnant after she had me but had an abortion.  we didn't have finances to have another child in the family.. but sometimes i wonder how life would've been with a sibling.. and i wish sometimes she wouldn't have gotten an abortion[actually i probably wish that all of the time].

pro's would be... more presents during christmas time, and no dividing things up, people going in my room, so on and so forth... but i'd rather have a sibling then be an only, for sure.

thanks for reading. <3
and sorry for the lengthy post.
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